Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Astros pick up Dominican player Domingo Santana, Astors de Houston recibe beisbolista Dominicana

The Astros completed their deal with the Phillies for the trade of Hunter Pence this week.  The Astros had four players to choose from to complete the deal, and they chose Dominican baseball player Domingo Santana to complete the deal.

Santana was born in 1992 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  He was signed by the Phillies in 2009, and has spent the last two plus years in Rookie ball and then A-ball.  He has been pretty good in those two years hitting for a .287 average.

The Astros brass apparently all agreed to get him, but who knows.  He is a nineteen year old, with plus skills in several areas, but will have to work into his body.  Only time will tell with a player this young, but the Astros also got 3 other top prospects.  So, it looks like they got a decent deal and some more influx of Dominican baseball talent.
Apparently that is Domingo Santana at second base, by tedkerwin on Flickr

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