Monday, September 26, 2011

Manny Ramirez can't play in Domincian Winter League, Manny Ramirez no puede jugar en LIDOM

Just last week, the Dominican Baseball Guy and fans of Dominican baseball everywhere were giddy at the possibility of Manny Ramirez playing in the Dominican League of Winter Baseball (LIDOM) this season.  Manny had made contact with his former team the Cibao Eagles, and planned to play with them again.

But alas it was much a do about nothing.  Manny is ineligible to play winter ball in any of the MLB sanctioned leagues, and yes, the LIDOM is an MLB sanctioned league.  He claims that his representatives are working to get the commission to reinstate him for winter ball, but this is doubtful at this point.  MLB rules simply do not allow it.

So, the Dominican Baseball Guy has changed his tune since the last time he posted on the ongoing Manny situation when he said: "This is looking more and more like it could happen."  In fact, the Dominican Baseball Guy has done a complete 180.  It is looking more and more likely that this will not happen.  Manny will have to serve his 100 game suspension before appearing in the LIDOM.

Dominican fans are already disappointed about this.  Some have hit up the Dominican Baseball Guy Facebook page saying that he is still going to play, despite these new reports.

It is never boring with Manny.  He is from Santo Domingo, DR, but grew up in New York City's Washington Heights.
Manny Ramirez with the Dodgers, by pvsbond on Flickr

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