Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dominican player Manny Ramirez and his impact with the Oakland A's, Dominicano Manny Ramirez ayuda peloteros de los A's este ano

Spring Training is under way, and Dominican player Manny Ramirez is back playing for the A's.  So, begins another day of "what is  Manny Ramirez doing lately" here at the Dominican Baseball Guy blog.  Manny Ramirez is the favorite Dominican baseball player of all-time here at the Dominican Baseball Guy, so expect lots of updates as to what he is up to with the A's and in the minors, as he serves his suspension for performance enhancing drugs.

The latest is 5 people that Manny Ramirez is going to help this year, from Bleacher Report, one of the most comprehensive sports sites in all of the interweb.  The Dominican Baseball Guy loves Bleacher Report because they have individual sites and bloggers for each team.

So here are the 5 people that Manny is going to help this year: Cuban rookie Yoenis Cespedes, the A's 3 and 5 hitters, A's manager Bob Melvin, the young pitching staff, and Billy Beane and Lew Wolff.

And the Dominican Baseball Guy needs to add a couple more.  The Dominican player Manny Ramirez will be playing 50 games in the A's minor league system, so the Sacramento River Cats and their fans will benefit greatly.  And of course, the Dominican Baseball Guy will benefit greatly by having plenty of stuff to write about as the Manny Ramirez world turns.

Dominican player Manny Ramirez viene de Santo Domingo y Nueva York.
Dominican player Manny Ramirez with the Los Angeles Dodgers, photo courtesy of bestlaidplans.org

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