Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dominican baseball player Vlad Guerrero getting in baseball shape quickly

Dominican baseball player Vladimir Guerrero could be in the majors soon.  The 16 year big leaguer is working out at the Blue Jays Spring Training facility in Florida, and the team says he is making great strides.  Guerrero recently signed with the Blue Jays, and was expected to spend several weeks to months getting into shape.

But the Blue Jays just sent their DH Adam Lind to the minors, so Guerrero could be coming to the big league club sooner than initially thought.  He is still expected to make his way through the Blue Jays minor league system, before appearing with the big league club.

Guerrero says that he is happy to be back where he started his career in Canada, and that the atmosphere north of the border reminds him of the Dominican Republic:
"The people in Montreal, the fans, were very different. I felt like I could walk down the street like I was in the Dominican. Nobody would attack me or anything like that. They'd say hi and I felt very, very comfortable on the streets. Then again, when I got to the ballpark, then they became fans -- that's what I really liked about it."
Vladimir Guerrero is from Nizao, Dominican Republic.
Dominican baseball player Vladimir with the Orioles last season.  Photo courtesy of Keith Allison on Flickr

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