If you want to target Dominican baseball fans, those planning on travel to the Dominican Republic, or just fans of the Dominican Republic and Dominican culture, then advertising on The Dominican Baseball Guy is the right move for you and your product.

Traffic Stats & Social Reach
(all stats as of 2nd April, 2012)
  • Monthly traffic (unique visitors): 800
  • Monthly page views: 4,000
  • Google Page Rank: 2
  • Twitter followers: 180
  • Facebook followers: 1,100
The Dominican Baseball Guy is ranked on a number of blog ranking and other social media sites...(ranking available upon request)

The Dominican Baseball Guy has been featured in many publications (such as the Miami Herald) and appeared on radio a number of times.  He has been featured on, Baseball de World, and other places.

Banner Advertisements and Text Advertisements
The Dominican Baseball Guy has room for some banner advertisements and text advertisements.  The text ads will be added to the top of the page, and the banner ads will be placed on a negotiated place on the blog.

Sponsored Blog Posts and Reviews 
The Dominican Baseball Guy is available to publish a sponsored blog post, as long as it relates to the content of the blog.  If you have a product related to the Dominican Republic, Dominican baseball, travel in the Dominican Republic, or any other related product, contact RK Winters for rates on a sponsored blog post.  Additionally, RK Winters is available for product reviews elsewhere.  RK Winters has extensive experience in product reviews, blogging for businesses, and blogging for SEO.

Rates are available upon request. Contact RK Winters for more details.

RK Winters is trained as a cultural anthropologist, and will cover any aspect of sports and/or culture.  In addition to work as The Dominican Baseball Guy, RK Winters has also been a freelance writer in many capacities. The work of RK Winters has appeared on The Dominican Baseball Guy, Baseball de World, Stadium Journey, and among other places.  

Please contact RK Winters at his personal email for any inquiries into freelance blog posts or investigative stories.

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