Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pedro Martinez to Start in World Series Tonight

As the dominican baseball guy said yesterday, any time a Dominican does anything in the Big Leagues it is big news down here. So Pedro getting the start tonight is big news. Last night, as I watched game one, a few people arrived to the bar late and asked me if Pedro was pitching.

Today, as I was sitting in a library, some people discussed the game. Yes people were chatting loudly about baseball in the library. One of the "librarians" (I use this term loosely) said, "I just want the team that has the most Dominicans." The dominican baseball guy has heard this sentiment expressed by nearly everyone. So, most people are rooting for Pedro to have a good game tonight.

Also, most Dominicans dislike the Yankees, for many of the same reasons Americans (not from New York) dislike the Yankees. The funny thing is both the Phillies and the Yankees both have 3 Dominicans. But Pedro is the most visible of these players.The dominican baseball guy is a big fan of Pedro too. His ability to improvise, on the mound and in interviews, is what makes him (and a lot of Dominicans) great ball players. I have been a fan since he was with the expos, and pitched a perfect game into the 8th and hit a batter who then charged the mound. Still strange to me (why the batter thought he was trying to hit him, with perfect game on line). Anyway, the Dominican Baseball guy has always been a big fan.
Pedro Martinez pitches for the Mets, by Bryce Edwards on Flickr

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