Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baseball in the Dominican Republic

Well, this is certainly not the Dominican Baseball Guy's most insightful post on baseball in the Dominican Republic.  But this story needs to be highlighted and shared, even if it is just plain vanilla.

Islands magazine just released an article entitled Going Deep: Baseball in the Dominican Republic.  Also, see the photo gallery associated with the article on baseball in the Dominican Republic.  It is the typical story one sees about baseball in the Dominican start young, they play often with hand crafted equipment, and they play as long as they can.

The article does have some nice anecdotes about playing baseball in the north of the country. The author does a good job of explaining how the game is 'the game is at the dinner table, in the parking lot, on the beach, and [even in the] bartender’s hair.' The article ends as the author plays a makeshift game with 25 other teens and adults, Dominicans and and some foreigners.

Dominicans play the game of baseball anywhere, anytime, and from birth until they can no longer do it.
Baseball in the Dominican Republic featured in March 2012 issue of Islands


  1. hi. we are huge baseball fans (robbie cano is our favorite player) and are headed to DR in 2 weeks. where can we catch some games????

  2. Dam, that is a bad time to go for baseball. Right after the Dominican Winter League ends and right before the Dominican Summer League gets started.

    The only thing I could suggest is to visit some of the academies in Santo Domingo and San Pedro. They may have informal games going. Or ask at the hotel and they may have some local games.

    Robbie Cano is from San Pedro de Macoris. There are several academies there and they have had the most major leaguers of any city on earth, over 100.

  3. Where can I get some info on the summer leagues? I'm going to the DR t the end of may and want to catch a game.


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