Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is the Caribbean Series format flawed? El Serie del Caribe es defectuoso??

The Dominican Republic won the Caribbean Series this week, the contest between the winners of the winter baseball leagues from Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.  The Dominicans clinched the Series title with one game still to play in the 6 game round robin format.

Some are coming out and questioning the long standing Caribbean Series format after this result.  After all, the teams played a final game that was meaningless.  Critiques want to shorten the series and/or add more teams.

The Dominican Baseball Guy likes the format how it is.  Yea, it was a bad result all along this year, but this is the first year that the Dominican Baseball Guy seeing the series clinched before the last game.  It usually comes down to the final day of play.  Now the Dominican Baseball Guy could see adding a couple more teams.

Now, the solution of The Dominican Baseball Guy:
  1. 1. Bring in two more teams to make it an eight team tournament, one would be Cuba, and the other would be a playoff of teams from Nicaragua, Columbia, CuraƧao, and whoever else wants to enter a team.
  2. Have two pools play a round robin, with the top two teams from each pool advancing.
  3. Have a semifinal and final sudden deaths rounds, and maybe even a third place game if anyone wants.
Now that would be a Caribbean Series to be seen!  See all of The Dominican Baseball Guy's posts on the Caribbean Series.

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