Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dominican Albert Pujols Wins National League MVP

I am sure everyone knows Albert Pujols won the National League MVP, recieving all 32 first place votes. This was the top sports story on pretty much every broadcast down in the Dominican Republic. Dominicans follow all baseball, but they follow their native sons more closely than anything.

Here is a clip of Albert talking about the MVP award. And here is the article.

Another Dominican, Hanley Ramirez got second.

George Bell, Vladamir Guerrero, Miguel Tejada, Sammy Sosa, and ugh Alex Rodriguez are other Dominicans that have won MVPs. The Dominican Baseball Guy thinks Alex Rodriguez is about as Dominican as he is. Many Dominicans call him a traitor, and the Dominican Baseball Guy thinks he is a traitor to America. So basically, Alex flip flopping on which country he wants to represent makes him a traitor to people from both countries.

But the Dominican Baseball Guy digresses. Congrats Albert Pujols, best player in the game.
Pujols bats in the 2009 Home Run Derby, by shgmom56 on Flickr

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