Monday, November 16, 2009

Dominican Baseball Movies

There have been a number of movies and documentaries about Dominican Baseball in recent years.

First off, many of you may have heard of the feature film "Sugar," which is a fictional account of a Dominican pitcher playing in the minor leagues and hoping to make it to the big leagues. It is available on itunes.

Next, The Republic of Baseall: The Dominican Giants of the American Game is a documentary featuring Felipe Alou, Orlando Cepeda and many of the first generation of Dominicans to play in the big leagues. Not sure where to find this movie. There is also commentary by Vladimir Guerrero, Alfonso Soriano, and other current big leaguers. Road to the Big Leagues is another documentary that first aired on ESPN deportes, but is now available on DVD. It features Vladimir Guerrero, David Ortiz, as well as some younger Dominican ballplayers. Here is a link to the official website for this movie where you can buy the movie. These two movies are more of the made for TV variety that briefly showcase stars along with a short story.

Two other documentaries are in depth stories of up and coming prospects. Change Up (2002) follows two Dominican pitching prospects through the Dominican academies and minor leagues. It has been compared to Hoop Dreams. Looks like a good movie and got good reviews, but not sure where to get it. Lastly, Pelotero
:A Domincian Baseball Story, features uber prospect Migual Angel Sanos, along with several other prospects. Sanos was recently signed to a multimillion dollar bonus by the Twins, and the movie shows this process. This one just came out and I am not sure where to get it either. Pretty frustrating because I would really like to see these two.

I will try to find out if they are available.

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