Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rain delay, then lights delay, then Gigantes loss

11/18/09 Game
Yes thats right. Wednesday night was an interesting game. The Gigantes lost 8-1 at home to Aguilas. There was a rain delay, then the lights went out. Another thing you don't see in stateside baseball. Electricity is shotty throughout this city, but the electricity company usually makes sure the stadium has lights. Last night they went out and took 45 minutes or so to come back on.

A number of import players (ie Americans and Japanese) have come and gone. So many that I can not keep up with it, much less explain it in a blog post. Vince Sinisi has arrived with los Gigantes though, and I remember him from his time with Rice. He played AAA ball last season in the Pacific Coast League and I got a nice clip of him making a diving catch last night-

During the light delay, a few players gathered in the bullpen and played a game, which I think is unique to Dominican baseball. I know the Dominicans are the ones always playing it. Obviously Americans play it now, but not sure where it originated. It is basically a version of hacky sack mixed with hot potato, using gloves and a ball. Here is a clip of Alexi Casilla and some others playing-

I posted some other videos of this little side game on the Dominican Baseball Guy Facebook page, as well as some photos.  Here are some of the photos, all by the Dominican Baseball Guy:

The Dominican Baseball Guy in the right field bleachers of Julian Javier Stadium

The Dominican Baseball Guy with Gigantes fans

The Dominican Baseball Guy with a vendor/friend

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