Friday, November 6, 2009

Yankees win World Series, Curt Schilling comments on Pedro Martinez loss

Pedro Martinez lost and the Yankees won the World Series Wednesday night. Though most of the country was rooting for Pedro Martinez and the Phillies, the dominican baseball guy concedes that you will find front runners in all sports throughout the world. Asian Manchester United fans in soccer, Spanish Lakers fans...and Dominican Yankees fans. This is also due to the fact that there are a lot of Dominicans in New York. Whenever someone hears the dominican baseball guy is from the States, the first question is "you from New York." Just because lots of Dominicans go to New York, means every American is from there? So, a lot of people celebrated last night with fireworks and booze.

The fact is a lot of the people I have met really know nothing else of the States other than New York, and a lot really do not know where Houston is. There is obviously a portion of the population that is highly educated, but much of the country lacks more than a primary education.

Curt Schilling posted an interview on his blog, and spoke to the trials of Pedro Martinez and Dominican players. The dominican baseball guy thought it was enlightening and speaks to why Dominican players sometimes act differently than American players. Here is excerpt:

I always felt like with Pedro it was how he was treated. I think it would be hypocritical of me to get on that when you’re talking about a guy, and a bunch of guys, you’re talking about Dominican players, who come from a very different environment. I read something he said yesterday or the day before about that Latin players or Dominican players grow up in a world of survival. I’ve been to the Dominican and played winter baseball. While it certainly has changed, it is a very different life there. These kids, it’s baseball, or crime, or an incredibly low … So, they go through and endure things to get to the big leagues that none of us could even dream of. So, I certainly can’t comment to his mindset and mentality as it relates to that. And that’s a lot of what shaped Pedro, and it’s alot of what made Pedro great. I mean, he still had a chip on his shoulder for [Tommy] Lasorda and the Dodgers his entire life. Them trading him was an immense sign of disrespect. It was also one of the stupidest trades in the history of the game.
Curt Schilling and Pedro Martinez celebrate Red Sox World Series title, by Ken Curtis on Flickr
Now the Dominican Republic baseball fans will turn to the Dominican Winter Baseball League. It is said that no political protests (or crime in general) happen during the baseball season. While people have been interested in the Winter League, the dominican baseball guy thinks it will take an even more center stage in daily discussions now that the MLB season has ended.

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