Monday, February 22, 2010

Dominicans Ubaldo Jimenez and Nelson Cruz News

There are a couple good articles on this week regarding Dominicans Ubaldo Jimenez and Nelson Cruz.

This article about Jimenez talks about his past season and where he will fit in the Rockies rotation this year. He could be the ace and pitch on opening day. Ubaldo pitched about 35 innings for Licey in the Dominican Winter League this year and talks about why he decided to pitch down there, even though he is assured a spot in the Rockies rotation after last years performance:
"I threw probably 35 innings, something like that," said Jimenez, who worked in the in the round-robin portion and the semifinals of the Dominican Winter League playoffs for Licey. "I love pitching at home. My family and my friends, they're never going to have a chance to see me pitch in person. I do it for them."
The Dominican Baseball Guy has heard this sentiment expressed many times by Dominican players, as well as the opposite expressed by American or other non-Dominicans playing in the Dominican Winter League. The Dominican Baseball Guy posted about this issue after speaking with American Mark Trumbo who left the league after a few weeks.

Dominican Nelson Cruz also saw action in the Dominican Winter League this year. He played for the team that I was following, Los Gigantes. He did not have a great year in the winter league, but this was in limited action after getting hurt. Despite this he was extremely popular with Gigantes fans. He has been a good player for them in years past, so much of the city was excited when he played. The Gigantes also promoted his appearance aggressively, announcing his first game on radio spots as well as sending a truck with loud speakers out to roam the city and announce his arrival.

This article talks of his relationship with Dominican Vlad Guerrero, and how they will team up in Texas this year. Cruz says that Guerrero has always been his favorite player. He has also been one of the Dominican Baseball Guys favorite players, so this is great that he will be with the Rangers. Lifetime .321 average with power, and a canon for an arm, and golfing balls for HRs. Gotta love Vlad. As a Rangers fan from Texas, I am excited about this move and the rest of the Rangers team this year.

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