Friday, August 20, 2010

Dominican Baseball Card #2: Pascual Perez

The Dominican Baseball Guy had never heard of Pascual Perez, but the Dominican Baseball Guy came across this card in his stock pile of baseball cards and with that hair had to put him up as the second Dominican Baseball Guy Dominican Baseball Card post.

Pascual debuted in 1980 as a pitcher with the Pirates, go figure with that hair.  He had a long career, playing all or part of 11 seasons in the big leagues with the Pirates, Braves, Expos, and Yankees.  So the Dominican Baseball Guy is surprised he has never heard of him.  He spent most of his career as a starter, peaking with 15 wins with the Braves in 1983.  Pascual ended his career with 67 big league wins and 63 minor league wins. has the most comprehensive listing of player stats, so check out Pascual's page there.

According to his wikipedia page, Pascual exhibited some typical flare associated with Dominican and Latin players:
One of Pascual's pitches was a slow, high-arcing changeup. Since he was the only one in the majors throwing this pitch at the time, many referred to it as the Pascual pitch, although it is historically referred to as an Eephus pitch.
Pascal first made his trademark peek through the legs to check the runner on first in 1979 in the Dominican League. He put his head through his legs to look at Rafael Landestoy on first base.
Pascual is from San Cristobal, DR.  Not sure what he is doing now, but leave a comment if you have heard anything about his post playing days.

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