Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dominican Baseball Card #5 and #6: Moises Alou

So technically Moises Alou was born in Atlanta, but his father and uncles were some of the first Dominicans to play in the big leagues and he has always had a home in Santo Domingo, so he is surely Dominican.  His father, Felipe, and uncles, Jesus and Matty, are national heroes and very well known amongst Dominican fans.  The last Dominican Winter Baseball League season (2010-11) was dedicated to the Alou brothers.  The Dominican Baseball blogged about this a couple times, as it seemed every game recap in the newspapers down there ended with: this season is dedicated to the Alou brothers.

The Dominican Baseball Guy has two really cool Moises Alou cards to share for the #5 and #6 Dominican Baseball Cards.  The first is a Rookie 1991 Rookie card, #38.  The blue border on this card is one of the tackiest faces of any set the Dominican Baseball Guy has ever seen, but for some reason he loves it.  The next card is his 1990 Score Rookie card (#592) that comes from his very first season in which he spent a few games with the Pirates.  It is crazy how young and skinny he looks, and the Dominican Baseball Guy loves looking at how players add that weight as they get older.

Moises played an amazing 17 years in the major leagues.  He first came up with the Expos where he was managed by his father.  He would later be managed by Felipe again in San Francisco.  Moises won a championship with the Florida Marlins in 1997 and then had three great years with the Dominican Baseball Guy's hometown Houston Astros.  The Dominican Baseball Guy remembers Alou as a dominate player in these years. In this three year stint he hit at least 27 HRs, 108 RBI, and batted over .300 every year.  He was then involved in the Steve Bartman incident that would have sent the Cubs to the World Series.  Moises then spent a few semi-productive years with the Giants and Mets.  A very successful and eventful career overall.

Moises has been able to stay involved with the game and is now the General Manager for Escogido in the Dominican Winter Baseball League.  Moises played for Escogido and his father managed the team previously.  According to, he enjoyed the position last year, as he took his team to the Caribbean Series.  Escogido went on to win the Series.  Pretty good, for a first year GM.  He is back in the same position this year, and they have just opened training camp (See this article).

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