Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Juan Francisco Player of the Week

Juan Francisco won his second consecutive player of the week award in the Dominican Winter Baseball League.  The Minor League Baseball site, milb.com, has great player biographies and lists their current stats in the Winter leagues, so I linked to Juan's page above.  This was the award for November 15-21, and here is the official press release from the Dominican Winter Baseball League, also known as the Liga de Beisbol Professional Dominicana or LIDOM for short.

Last week Juan hit only the 10th 400 foot home run in the history of the historical Quisqueya Stadium in Santo Domingo.  So, this shows how much power he really has.  Not too many guys hit 400 foot home runs in any stadium.  Thus far, Juan is leading the Gigantes and the Dominican Winter League in home runs, RBI, and runs scored.  He is on his way to the Dominican Winter League MVP, as the Dominican Baseball Guy predicted in the last post.

He played in 36 games with the Reds last year, hitting .273.  Hopefully the Reds can get him some more playing time next year.

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