Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alexi Casilla and Edward Valdez Players of the Week

For the last week of the regular season (December 13-19) in the Dominican Winter Baseball League (LIDOM), Alexi Casilla and Edward Valdez won the player of the weeks honors.

Alexi plays for the Gigantes and has been an established Major Leauger with the Twins for the last four seasons. At times he plays everyday with the Twins, but injuries and other factors have pushed him into a bench player at times.  He is a quality talent in the LIDOM though.  He played in 40 of 49 games this year, and hit .303 while playing excellent defense at 2B and SS.  Alexi is from San Cristobal, DR.
Edward Valdez has been with Escogido in the LIDOM.  He has made it as far as AAA in the last two seasons and he is currently under contract with the Rockies.  He has been used as a starter and long reliever.  Maybe we will see him with the Rockies in the next few years.  Edward is from Nizao, DR.

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