Thursday, January 27, 2011

LIDOM Champion Toros de la Romana Have Victory Parade

The Toros de la Romana and their fans continues to celebrate their Dominican Winter Baseball League (LIDOM) championship on Wednesday with a parade through the city of La Romana.  The parade was in celebration of the championship that the Toros won last week.

The parade ended in the Francisco Micheli Stadium, where the Toros completed their sweep of the Estrellas on Sunday.  The stadium scene featured thanks from the team, as well as music and other entertainment.  Along with the team and team president Frank Micheli, the local provincial governor and the national senator for the region also attended the parade.  This is in addition to thousands of loyal Toros fans.

Fans and supporters joined the parade and followed the team to the stadium.  The Toros are awaiting the start of the Caribbean Series on February 2.  Here are some pictures of the event from various sources:

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