Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dodgers Juan Uribe looks for big year with new contract

Juan Uribe signed an offseason free agent contract with the Dodgers after winning the World Series with the Giants last season.  Rangers fans will remember several daggers that Uribe delivered in the World Series last season.

Uribe comes from a family of baseball players, like a many Dominican players.  Jose Uribe, a star with the Giants the last time they were in the World Series in 1989, was Juan's cousin.  Jose died in a car crash in 2006 near his hometown of Juan Baron, Palenque, Dominican Republic.  Juan called Jose "tio," Spanish for uncle due to their age difference, and credits his uncle with teaching him how to carry himself in the big leagues.

Juan and Jose are both from Juan Baron, though they are often credited as being from Bani (the largest city nearby) or Palenque (the municipality of Juan Baron) or San Cristobal (the province of Juan Baron).  Juan is scheduled to start at second base this year for the Dodgers.
Juan Uribe with the Giants, by Kathy T on Flickr

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