Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dan Rather Reports on Dominican Baseball

This is an older story that the Dominican Baseball Guy just came across.  Dan Rather has a new show on HDNet, and he covered Dominican baseball in one episode last year.  It is a weekly show that covers one topic each episode and delves deeply into whatever topic is under discussion.

Rather presented "Field of Broken Dreams" on 10/19/2010.  In the episode he investigates everything about Dominican baseball, from steroids to bonus money to age fraud and visa fraud.  It is an hour long show with a number of interviews and he does a fair job in addresses a number of issues in the short time frame.  The show includes interviews and archival footage, as well as commentary.  It is a good watch if anything for the video footage of Dominican baseball.  See another review of the episode here.

You can download the episode through itunes where it is the 33rd episode of season 5:

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