Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dominican baseball player leads Manhattan high school league in steals, Dominicano es lider en bases robados en liga de NYC

It is no secret there are lots of Dominicans in Manhattan, particularly in Washington Heights.  They are known as Dominican Yorks.  But some may not know that there is a long history of Dominican immigrants playing in the NYC high school ranks.  Perhaps the most famous Dominican baseball player of all, Manny Ramirez, came to New York as a boy and played for the famed George Washington High School.

So, this article on New York City high school baseball caught the attention of the Dominican Baseball Guy: Murry Bergtraum baseball's Yori Olivo leads PSALA in steals.

Yori Olivo came to New York from the Dominican Republic to play baseball and attend school.  He actually had some health worries and was unable to play until his senior year.  But this year he is leading the PSALA in steals, going 15-16 on steals in 3 games.  

Olivo is surely one of many Dominicans playing in New York City, and the Dominican Baseball Guy will look for other aspects of Dominican baseball in New York to blog about.

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