Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jose Reyes-David Wright partnership could end after this year

Jose Reyes was signed by the Mets in 1999 as an international free agent at the age of 16.  Two years later he was sent to the Mets instructional camp in Florida and met David Wright.  The two became quick friends and have traveled through the Mets organization together.

Reyes made the big league club in 2003 and Wright followed him one year later.  The two made their first all-star team together in 2006, and also made the playoffs for the first time with the Mets that year.  The two seem to be opposites: one a speedy, dread locked Dominican, and the other a power hitting, clean cut American.

But the common path they have taken and the fact that they have shared one half of the infield for close to ten years has made them great friends.  The contract of Reyes could end this years if the Mets decide not to pick up an option, so the two could have just one more year together.  They hope to make the most of what could be their final year together with the Mets.

Jose is from Villa Gonzalez, DR.

UPDATE: Jose Reyes has played his last game as a Met: Pelotero Dominicano Jose Reyes firma con Miami Marlins, Dominican baseball player Jose Reyes signs with Marlins
Jose Reyes, by Wknight94

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