Saturday, April 9, 2011

Manny being Manny, Ramirez retires from MLB

It is a sad day in the world of the Dominican Baseball Guy.  His favorite player of all-time has retired, and the Dominican Baseball Guy does not see Manny Ramirez as one to go back on this retirement, especially since he faces a 100 game suspension if he does return.

Manny was the favorite player of the Dominican Baseball Guy first off because he could mash.  No one hits .312 lifetime with 555 home runs and 1831 RBI.  And he was not even a power hitter.  Ramirez generated all those home runs and RBI by hitting line drives, and thats what made him so exciting.  When he did hit a home run, they were just laser shots.

Of course he was also infamous for his on field antics, such as when he used to hang out in the Green Monster when he was in left field for the Red Sox.  The Dominican Baseball Guy was never more excited to see a game than when Ramirez was playing.  He played with a freeness that is unseen in professional sports, and the Dominican Baseball Guy thinks it is a shame that he got ridiculed for simply playing on instinct and having fun. See some of these videos on a recent Dominican Baseball Guy post.

Manny you will be missed, hopefully you can get together with the Dominican Baseball Guy and do an interview at some point.  He ends up as the all time Dominican leader in RBI and second in hits and home runs.  Manny is from Santo Domingo, DR, but grew up in New York City.

See the full article at the Dominican Baseball Examiner
Manny Ramirez, by shgmom56 on Flickr


  1. Manny is one of my favorite players of all-time. The day he came to LA, I was so happy. I'm a little disappointed in him, but I still believe he belongs in the Hall of Fame. He's the second greatest right handed batter of my generation behind Albert Pujols(who's coming up to bat against my Dodgers as I type this).

  2. My favourite memories of Manny are from his days as a Cleveland Indian. In 1994 he was a young player on a super team, which turned around the fortunes of the Indians. The last few years have had some uncomfortable times for Manny and his fans, but there are far worse baseball headlines than Manny. Perhaps time will allow some Manny wounds to heal, and he should have a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

  3. DBobble: i haven't really thought about it, but if you say he is second greatest right handed hitter i will agree. Pujols is also from Santo Domingo, DR. I need a Manny bobblehead.

    Nicholas: those Indian teams were incredible, off the top of my head, Manny, Kenny Lofton, Matt Williams, Robby and Sandy Alomar, Jim Thome, Omar Vizquel. love how many went from speedy outfielder to middle of lineup power hitter.

    he just hit line drives, no pop fly homeruns, and had an amazing eye, even though his walk numbers aren't that high. he should be in hall at some point.


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