Friday, May 27, 2011

Felipe Alou one of MLB's best dads

A recent list from a Yahoo contributor just named Dominican Felipe Alou as one of the top five role models in MLB history.  Felipe played with his two brothers throughout his 17 year MLB career.  He went on to manage for the Expos and Giants.

Felipe was one of the first Dominicans to play in the big leagues and can be seen as a role model for later Dominican players.  He was also certainly a role model for his son, Moises Alou, who also had a long and prosperous MLB career.

Felipe is from Haina, DR.
Felipe Alou manages with the Giants, by Andrew Lynch on Flickr


  1. Are you aware that on only one occasion did the three Alou brothers take the outfield together at the Major League level?

  2. wow, I did not know that. what a great accomplishment for the Alou brothers. I know they took the outfield together many times in the Dominican League of Winter Baseball (LIDOM).


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