Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toronto Blue Jays sign 3 Dominicans to Major League Baseball deals, Toronto firma 3 Dominicanos

The Toronto Blue Jays have been one of  the most active teams in signing Dominican talent since Epy Guerrero joined their staff as on of the most powerful and respected scouts in baseball.  The Dominican Baseball Guy has commented on Epy Guerrero and this Dominican pipeline in the Blue Jays system previously, here and here.

The days of Epy Guerrero dominating and bringing all the top Dominican talent to Toronto are passed, as Guerrero is more of an independent scout nowadays.  He has his own training academy and the Dominican Baseball Guy found some cool pics of him and his academy at Joao Canziani's Flickr page.

But the Blue Jays are obviously active in the international market, as they recently signed seven Latin American prospects, including three Dominicans.  The Jays signed pitchers Alberto Tirado, Yeyfrey del Rosario, and Jairo Labourt.

No data on any of these Dominican peloteros.  See ya in five years guys, if you're great...and lucky.  


  1. there are things a great player / pitcher needs and Alberto Tirado Has it,This pitcher was raised Talent, Commitment, And Alot of heart. It wont be Five years or Luck for this Pitcher

  2. Awesome thanks for the input. I will be sure to follow Tirado from here out.


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