Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dominican Luis Terrero wins MVP of Mexican Baseball League, Dominicano gana jugador más valioso de la Liga Mexicana de Béisbol

Liga Mexicana de Béisbol (LMB) or the Mexican Baseball League is considered by most to be in the top 5 leagues in the world.  It is made of independent teams throughout central and eastern Mexico.  The league is endorsed and affiliated with Major League Baseball as an official minor league, however, the teams that make up the league are not affiliated with MLB teams, as are the minor league teams stateside.

This unique relationship actually means that it is probably a higher level of baseball in the Mexican League, because the teams play to win and not to develop players.  This is much as the case is with the Dominican League of Winter Baseball.  So, along with the NIPON profesional league in Japan, and the Venezuelan and Mexican winter leagues, this AAA Mexican Baseball League and the LIDOM are the of the top leagues in the world.  The Dominican Baseball Guy commented on the top baseball leagues in the world a while back.

A number of big name stars have played in the LMB towards the end of there careers, most notably in terms of Dominican players the great Julio Franco.

And, to get to the point of this blog post!  Dominican Luis Terrero was named the MVP of the Mexican Baseball League today.  Check out these silly numbers: .390 average, 38 home runs, and 110 RBI in just 97 games.  Yea, the Dominican Baseball Guy thinks the pitching down there may not be up to the level of an ex-MLB guy like Terrero.  He spent three years in the majors from 2003-07 with the Diamondbacks, Orioles, and White Sox.  See Luis Terrero minor league baseball page.

Terrero is from Barahona and Franco is from San Pedro de Macoris.
Peloterro Dominicano Luis Terrero, by javYliz on Flickr

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