Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Manny Ramirez goes to jail, then released, Manny Ramirez va a el cárcel

Everyone knows that Manny Ramirez is one of the Dominican Baseball Guy's all time favorite players.  But even the Dominican Baseball Guy cannot support his beloved Manny in this case.  The word is he was jailed for one night in Florida after a domestic disturbance involving his wife.

Actually Manny's actions in recent years have made even his most avid fans stop following him.  He faced a 100 game suspension for his second performance enhancing drugs suspension before retiring at the start of this year.  And now add this incident on to getting busted, not once, but twice for performance enhancing drugs, and Manny is not doing anything favorable for his legacy.  People quickly forget even the best when they do foolish things like this.

In the eyes of the Dominican Baseball Guy, Manny has fallen from the top of the Dominican Baseball pyramid.  He will always be one of the greatest Dominicans to play in MLB, but he just won't be as loved and appreciated for his quirky style, as he was by fans before these incidents.

He does plan to play in the Dominican Winter Baseball League this year, and the Dominican Baseball Guy will certainly try to catch him down there this winter if he does, despite his disdain for Ramirez's recent behavior.  It is too bad, because it is really hard for the Dominican Baseball Guy to dislike Manny, but I think I do right now.

Manny Ramirez es de Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana, la capital.  And Keith Winters is the Dominican Baseball Guy, expert on beisbol Dominicano.
Manny Ramirez with the Red Sox, what a great time to
be a Manny Ramirez fan, by Keith Allison on  Flickr

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  1. I think Manny is currently suffering from an Adjustment Disorder. He has gone from MLB Super Star to a retired player under unfavourable circumstances. Sadly there is a tendency for unhappy people to hurt themselves and the people who love them most. I'm not making excuses for Manny, but he needs to adjust to his life after baseball. I wouldn't be surprised if he plays again in the U.S. Baseball has been his life for a long time, and he will probably try and return to what he knows best.


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