Monday, September 5, 2011

Ken Burns latest documentary has scenes of Dominican Baseball, inspires college player to start Go To Bat for Cuba charity, pelicula se llama "Baseball" tiene escenas de pelota dominicana

The Dominican Baseball Guy has talked several times about Dominican Baseball movies and documentaries.  Ken Burns documentary entitled Baseball is a well known documentary on the game and has been featured on the American Public Broadcast Station.  Burns has made a name for himself with super long and detailed documentaries, most notably "Jazz" and "The War."

Burns' latest installment of Baseball is called The Tenth Inning and it features scenes of baseball in the Dominican Republic, as well as other aspects of the international game.  These scenes of baseball in the Dominican Republic recently inspired a former University of Pennsylvania baseball player to create Go To Bat for Cuba.  Former Penn player and founder Adrian Lorenzo, and the organization, collect used baseball equipment and send it to Cuba.

Go to bat for Cuba is the latest of some great charities that donate equipment and other services to the Dominican Republic and other Latin countries.  The Dominican Baseball Guy has blogged on David Ortiz and his charity's celebrity golf tournament, Manny Acta and his ImpACTA Kids Foundation, along with a number of other Dominican charitable organizations.

Good luck Mr. Lorenzo on Go To Bat for Cuba and with your post-college plans.  Please visit Go To Bat for Cuba at their Facebook page and send them some equipment if you can:

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