Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dominicano Jose Reyes could be a Marlin, Dominicano Jose Reyes va a Marlins de Florida?

Jose Reyes had a resurgence the last two years, after some down years.  So, that is how the New York media portrayed it.  In the eyes of the Dominican Baseball Guy it looks like he only had one off year, an injury-riddled campaign in which he only played 36 games in 2009.

Other than that he has been one of the most exciting players in the game.  Reyes has made four all-star teams, led the NL in stolen bases and triples three times each, and won a batting title last year.  All while playing a well above average shortstop.  His all-time WAR is pretty good too.  Right with guys like Hanley Ramirez and Torii Hunter.

AND he is a free agent this off season.  Apparently he is one of the top free agents on the market this off season, and the Marlins are interested in his services.  The Dominican Baseball Guy can hardly contain himself with this possibility.  Signing Reyes would probably push Hanley Ramirez to third base, and create one of the best all-Dominican half infield of all-time.  And they would have crazy old Ozzie Guillen on the bench.

Reyes is also one of the most renowned baseball playing reggaeton artists in the world!  He is from Villa Gonzalez, Republica Dominicana.
Dominican baseball player Jose Reyes with the Mets, by Mr. Littlehand on Flickr

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  1. Jose Reyes is a super player. Which ever team he joins he'll help them win!


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