Saturday, February 25, 2012

Manny Ramriez hits multiple home runs, Dominicano Manny Ramirez llega en Oakland

Well, he did hit multiple home runs in his first batting practice with the A's.  You can call the Dominican Baseball Guy the Manny Ramirez Guy if you so choose, because he is the most blogged about player in the history of the Dominican Baseball Guy blog.  Manny Ramirez is one of the main reasons the Dominican Baseball Guy first started following Dominican baseball so closely.

The Dominican Baseball Guy said that Manny Ramirez was going to be signed in his last post on Ramirez: MLB team to sign Dominican baseball player Manny Ramirez? Pelotero Dominicano va a jugar en MLB este año?  And that is what happened.  The A's signed Manny to a one year deal.  He will have to serve the 100 game suspension he is due, for failing a second drug test.  He will serve that in the minor leagues.

Ramirez arrived at A's camp and promptly hit seven home runs in his first batting practice.  Ramirez says that he wants to show his kids and family that you can change and correct a mistake.  He also said God opened this door back up for him and he had to take it.

The Dominican Baseball Guy obviously loves Manny Ramirez, BUT I think he is done.  It is a no lose for the A's though.  He comes cheap.  He will sell minor league tickets and big league tickets.  Maybe he becomes trade bait toward the end of the season, because if he is not on a contender, he honestly is not much use.  He could pinch hit or DH some.

The Dominican Baseball Guy predicts maybe 10 home runs and 40 RBI, as he will only be able to play 62 games.  He could tear up the Pacific Coast League though.

Dominican baseball player Manny Ramirez is from the capital, Santo Domingo.
Dominican baseball player Manny Ramirez in his last year in MLB,
by pvsbond on Flickr

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