Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dominican baseball player Albert Pujols arrives at Spring Training, Pujols llega para "Spring Training"

The great Dominican baseball player Albert Pujols arrived at Angels camp Monday.  He arrived at spring training on the first day with pitchers and catchers.  ESPN outside the lines ran a feature story on their mid-day broadcast.

Pujols met his new teammates, made some comments to the media, and got a workout in.  It is a big change for Pujols.  He is leaving behind a great network in Saint Louis that included family and friends, his non-profit organization The Pujols Family Foundation, and a legion of the best fans in baseball. 

Albert is excited and hopeful about the move.  "I can't go back and feel sorry. Now, it's time to move on," Pujols said. "That was an old chapter in my life. Now, it's time to open a new one."

The Angels are looking to return to form and challenge the Rangers out west this season.  They spent over $350 million this off-season.  Albert says the whole goal of everyone in the Angels organization is to win the World Series.

Dominican baseball player Albert Pujols is from Santo Dominigo, Republica Dominicana.
Dominican baseball player Albert Pujols, by Leoraul Torres on Flickr

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