Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dominican Republic tourism: golf is one of the main attractions

When it comes to Dominican Republic tourism, the Dominican beaches and the all inclusive resorts are the main attraction.  There are splendid beaches on both the north and south coasts of the Dominican Republic.  An American import playing in the Dominican Winter Baseball League (LIDOM) once told me that his friends with the La Romana Toros really had it good, as their living arrangements were in one of the city's many resorts.

Many of the resorts have golf on site, or at least access to a nearby Dominican golf course.  The Dominican golf industry has quickly become the second biggest Dominican Republic tourism attraction, just behind the beaches.  There are some amazing courses, most notably Casa de Campo.  David Ortiz has had his charity gold tournament at Casa de Campo for several years.

The Dominican Baseball Guy has never had the chance to play golf in the Dominican Republic, but he hopes to visit Casa de Campo or one of the other fine courses soon.  If he does get the chance to golf in the Dominican Republic, he will bring these great new premium golf balls he got from Srixon.  I love them because they are not as pricey as some other brands.  They also have a great line of yellow golf balls, which are always fun to take out on the course.  Srixon says that the yellow cover is softer than most, and allows for more spin control.  The Dominican Baseball Guy is not good enough to notice a nuance like this, but I have been having good luck with them lately, so perhaps I do have more spin control.

Most of the Dominican golf courses are in the tourist heavy southern coast of the country.  Hopefully the Dominican Baseball Guy gets to experience this aspect of Dominican Republic tourism soon.
The Srixon yellow golf balls that the Dominican Baseball
Guy has been using on the course lately

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