Monday, March 5, 2012

Mets Dominican prospect Familia loves bachata, Dominicano Jeurys Familia le gusta bachata

Dominican prospect Jeurys Familia is moving up the Mets ranks nicely.  Last year he had a 3.96 ERA in 87 innings and struck out more than one batter per inning at AA Binghamton.  He is one of a trio of Mets starters that are close to the majors, though he may be the third man in line.  Manager Terry Collins said he could just pitch his way on to the team the way he is playing in spring training.  This from a great article from Mike Kerwick at the Times Herald Record.

Yea, yea, yea, another young Dominican prospect pitcher.  The real story here is that Jeurys Familia LOVES BACHATA.   According to Kerwick, Familia loves Latin music, especially bachata, which translates as "raucous party."

So, this proves that he is Dominican.  The Dominican Baseball Guy does not know much about Familia, but I know that if he loves bachata he must be from the Repulica Dominicana.  Bachata is produced almost exclusively by Dominican artists and for Dominican listeners.  Both bachata (and merengue) run deep in the Dominican Republic musical tradition.  

As I write this post, there are Dominicans dancing and listening to bachata all over the country right now, in front of colmados or in front of their homes or maybe outside their cars with the music turned up all the way right next to their neighbors.  Anyone that has lived in the Dominican Republic knows that noise ordinances do not exist.  The bachata and merengue plays all day and night almost continuously at the highest volume possible.

Shout out to Elvis Martinez and Frank Reyes, two of the most badass bacheteros out there.  Elvis is from San Francisco de Macoris, a city that the Dominican Baseball Guy knows well.  They love Elvis in San Francisco de Macoris.  Frank Reyes is from Boba Arriba, RD.

O yea, Dominican baseball right.  Familia and other Dominican baseball players surely miss that constant hum of merengue and bachata so prevalent in their home country.  Mets Dominican prospect Jeurys Familia es de Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.
Dominican prospect Jeurys Familia piching for the Mets AA team in 2009, by  paul.hadsall on Flickr

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