Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dominican baseball player Vladimir Guerrero to the Marlins, Dominicano Vlad Guerrero a Marlins?

It is no secret that Vladimir Guerrero has been one of the favorite Dominican baseball players of the Dominican Baseball Guy for many years.  He remains in third place all-time among Dominican baseball players in hits, RBI, and home runs, and is second for lifetime average at .318.

Last year, Guerrero signed a one year free agent deal with the Orioles.  By most accounts he had a bad year.  But if you look at the numbers, they are really not that bad.  He hit .290 in 500+ at bats, and had 13 home runs and 63 RBI.  Now these numbers are certainly off his career average, but most MLB players would take these numbers, particularly the .290 average.  The guy hit .290, and this was a bad year.

So it goes for an aging superstar like Dominican baseball player Vladimir Guerrero.  He is unsigned this off-season thus far, but recently told Dominican newspaper EL Caribe that the Marlins and Ozzie Guillen had contacted him.  Most think he is DH at best, and wonder what a National League team would be doing talking to him.  But, Vladimir says that he is still a player that should play every day, even if it is as an outfielder.

It is a wait and see game to see if the Marlins sign him, or if any other team picks him up.  The Dominican Baseball Guy anxiously awaiting to see where he lands.  Pelotero Dominicano Vladimir Guerrero es de Nizao, Republica Dominicana.
Dominican baseball player Vladimir Guerrero hopes to play another year, by Rich Anderson on Flickr

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  1. Vladi can still play, he just needs a good personal trainer and a team that is smart enough to give him a chance. He just needs 4 rbi's to get to 1,500 and he's a great leader of younger players. Come on Ozzi, sign him to a one year cut rate contract, he'll be worth it.


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