Friday, April 20, 2012

All-Star game voting: Baseball fans in the Dominican Republic have chance to vote this year

Every year the Major League All-Star game and festivities seem to grow. There is the Futures Game, a celebrity softball game, and of course the Home Run Derby. And the voting has expanded greatly, especially since internet voting opened a few years back.

Nowadays fans can vote at the stadiums, at a number of voting stations, and online throughout the world. So, Dominicans in the Dominican Republic have had the opportunity to vote online since that voting method was put into place. But this year they will be able to vote at Banco BHD banks throughout the country.

Banco BHD will sponsor All-Star Balloting in the Dominican Republic.  Spanish-language ballots will be available to fans in the Dominican Republic via, the official Spanish-language web site of MLB, and at All-Star Balloting terminals across more than 80 branches, beginning in May.

Being that internet access is not very widespread in the Dominican Republic, this is good news for Dominican baseball fans. On the other hand, any Dominican fan that wanted to vote would have probably made their way to an internet connection and figured out how to vote. Add in the fact that the Dominican Republic has a population of only ten million, and this initiative will probably have little effect on the final All-Star rosters. 

At least it gives Dominicans that choose to vote more access to their beloved game. And enough Americans vote on Dominican baseball players that if they are the best player at their position they usually get in, nationalistic tendencies be damned.

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