Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dominican baseball players on MLB rosters 2012

Every year Major League Baseball releases a list of foreign baseball players on MLB rosters.  And Dominican baseball players have dominated this list for last decade plus.  Last year there were 86 Dominican players on opening day rosters, the same number of Dominicans on MLB teams in 2010.

This year, the number went up and Dominican baseball players still lead the way in foreigners in Major League Baseball, by far.  Overall, there are 243 foreign players on Opening Day rosters out of 856 total active or disabled list players.  That comes out 28.4 percent, the third highest percentage of foreign players ever.  

And the Dominican baseball players on MLB rosters in 2012?  There are 95 Dominican players on Opening Day rosters, the most since 2007 and the second most number of Dominican players ever to start the year in the big leagues.  And it comes out to 11% of all the players in the major leagues coming from the Dominican Republic.

See the list of all foreign MLB players by country too.  The Royals have the most foreign born players with thirteen.  All 30 teams have at least one Dominican baseball player on their roster.  The Detroit Tigers lead the way with seven Dominican players and the Blue Jays, Marlins, and Cubs each have six Dominican players.
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  1. 95! That is a serious number. That's close to four MLB teams entire Opening Day Rosters.

    I would like to see the D.R. show their strength in more international events like the World Baseball Classic.

  2. Yep, it is the highest number of Dominicans.

    And 4 Australians! Impressive!

    Nicholas, I will email you that questionnaire this week. Hope you still have room in your book!

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I take pride in that number, small island full of great talent. Imagine if the opportunities where better or like in baseball. Sports like basketball, olympic sports ect could see more talent. The sky could be the limit.
    It's a shame that the island is so poor and the fue bucks that come in get stolen by bad politicians:-( I got parents from The Dom Rep, we live in Norway. It kills me inside evertime I go and see my brothers and sisters suffer:-)

    1. Yes, everything you say I understand. The population is so small that it would be hard to compete in multiple sports on an international level, even if they were funded well.

      But you are right in blaming the politicians. It does not help that corruption is high, and the disparity of wealth is so great. There is not much opportunity.

      With that said it is a great country to visit, so make it down there if you have not yet.


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