Thursday, June 28, 2012

Denny's opens first Dominican restaurant in Santo Domingo airport

There are a good number of American restaurant chains in the Dominican Republic. Of course there is McDonalds and Burger King. There is also Tony Roma's and Chili's. And now there is a Denny's. The chain just opened a restaurant in the food court at the Las Amercas airport in Santo Domingo in cooperation with franchisee Grupo Nahas.

This is Denny's first airport location and a Denny's executive said they are excited to be opening in such a "unique location."

Yes, it is certainly a "unique location." The Santo Domingo airport is kind of an adventure. It is only 20-30 gates and there is very little retail or restaurants in the public area currently. There is more shopping within the secure area for passengers, but it is surely not a "destination" airport.

The Grupo Nahas comments made more sense. A Nahas exec said that the restaurant is an "exciting new choice" and that they will become "the best restaurant option."

Well, that is not hard to do. Currently there are maybe one or two options, consisting of fast food and cheap convenient stores.

So, the Dominican Baseball Guy will probably be eating there the next time he passes through the airport, for sure! Love me some American breakfast, and it is hard to find in the Dominican Republic. Wish they would open one more centrally located because the Santo Domingo airport is thirty minutes or so from the city.
restaurants at the Santo Domingo airport
Denny's restaurant to open at Santo Domingo airport

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