Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dominican baseball non-profits: Boston teen takes part in Lindos Suenos program

Like a number of MLB players and teams, the Red Sox are very active in signing Dominican free agents and developing them into big league players. The team is also active in giving back to the Dominican Republic.

They run a non-profit program called Lindos Suenos, or beautiful dreams. The program pairs Boston area teens with Dominican teens in an effort to repair and rebuild houses in Dominican communities. Each year ten Boston teens and ten Dominican teens are paired up and live at a Dominican resort for a couple weeks. In the mornings they rebuild houses and in the afternoons they play baseball at the Red Sox Dominican baseball academy.

American teen Austin Rubino recently participated in the program and says that he went down to learn about Dominican baseball, but mainly to help people. “Definitely working on the homes, that’s the main reason I wanted to be down there, to help these people out,” said Rubino.

The group did get to play some baseball though. They played against other MLB teams’ academy programs as well as a team representing Santo Domingo.

There have been a number of college or church groups get together similar mission work/baseball playing trips, but this is the first program of this nature that the Dominican Baseball Guy has seen put together by an MLB team. It is a great effort by the Red Sox to give back to the Dominican community in which they have a Dominican baseball academy. More teams should follow their lead and have similar programs.

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