Friday, August 24, 2012

Football in the Dominican Republic

As any one that has ever visited the Dominican Baseball Guy knows, baseball is king, queen, and prince in the Dominican Republic. It is by far the most popular sport. If one was to add up the market share of each sport, I would estimate that baseball owns at least 80% of the money spent on sports or sports entertainment in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Baseball Guy has mentioned previously that basketball has become more popular in recent years. Al Hortford and Francisco Garcia have led the way for Dominican players in the NBA. I would estimate that basketball takes about another 10% of that market for sports in the Dominican Republic.

And finally, American football has gained some popularity. Football is watched strictly as a spectator sport, and I am not aware of any major football teams in the Dominican Republic. But every Saturday and Sunday during football season, there are tons of Dominicans that like to watch football, even though they probably have never played the game.

One major reason that many Dominicans watch football is because they like to bet on the games. There are gambling parlors on seemingly every corner in major Dominican cities. And they are filled with Dominican men betting on all types of games. It is men...all men. A gambling parlor is no place for a woman, and gambling is an activity for men in the Dominican Republic.

If not in the Dominican Republic at a betting parlor, or not in Vegas, their are a few options to bet online. There are a number of websites for NFL betting online. Try that link for some options on where to place an NFL wager online.

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