Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dominican Baseball Card #19: Carmen Castillo

The #19 Dominican Baseball Card is Carmen Castillo.  Carmen is one of the lesser known Dominican players that the Dominican Baseball Guy has profiled in his Dominican Baseball Card updates.  The card is a 1989 Topps.
The Dominican Baseball Guy could hardly find any information on Carmen.  It is a shame because he had a very long career.  Carmen debuted for the Indians in 1982 and spent seven seasons with the team.  He then went on to play for the Twins for 3 seasons.  So, he had a ten year big league career which is pretty impressive.  It seems he was used as a utility outfielder, and played as needed.  His career high in games was 94 and he had a career .252 average, which is...well average.  And he is another of a long line of players from San Pedro de Macoris, DR.

If anyone knows Carmen or anything more about his career or post-playing days please leave a comment.  Otherwise enjoy game 2 of the Dominican Winter Baseball League (LIDOM) finals tonight.


  1. I remember Castillo as a member of the Cleveland Indians in the 80's. Any time there was a bench clearing brawl Castillo was the Tribe's enforcer. Unfortunately, I remember the time the Tribe fight with the Oakland A's that Dave Kingman punched Castillo's head in the brawl and then Castillo disappeared from the camera.

  2. Carmen Castillo was a productive platoon player for the Cleveland Indians in the 1980s. His original nickname was "The Big Cat". He was actually involved in two fights with Dave Kingman. The first one occurred in 1984 ( where Kingman tried to bully the wrong guy and got his face pasted.

    Kingman was infamous for his abusive treatment of female sportswriters (1: and 2: including the bizarre "rat" incident. Cleveland fans were happy to see Castillo give Kingman a "taste of his own medicine", and Castillo's teammates gave him a new nickname "The Designated Enforcer".

    The second fight against Kingman occurred in 1986 when Kingman went on a mission to find Castillo during the Corrales-Stewart brawl. Kingman took this as his chance to get in a sucker punch ( but paid for it in the end.

  3. Monte Carmelo castillo was born in SAN FRANCISCO DE MACORIS ,NO San Pedro ,both are diferents citys in dominican repúblic ,San Francisco is in the CIBAO región ,San Pedro is un the east of the 3/4 part of the island


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