Saturday, March 26, 2011

Memphis sociology instructor to donate baseball goods in Dominican Republic

University of Memphis sociology instructor Mary Anne Caldwell is collecting baseball equipment for her churches mission trip to Barahona, Dominican Republic.  The church group will distribute the equipment and build a water purification system.

As the church reverend says, and the Dominican Baseball Guy knows, clean water is a major issue in the Dominican Republic.  Most homes, outside of the major metropolitan areas and tourism centers, do not even have running water.

It is good to see a sociology professor taking interest in this project.  She is offering her students extra credit for donating materials.  The Dominican Baseball Guy thinks baseball and sports in general have been greatly neglected in academic studies, and that is why the Dominican Baseball Guy is focusing his thesis on baseball in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to building a water purification system and donating baseball equipment, the church group also plans to build an orphanage and volunteer at a medical clinic, and of course play baseball.  Please follow the link at top if you are in the Memphis area and wish to donate materials.

Otherwise, Roberto's Kids is a great organization that is always taking new or slightly used baseball equipment to distribute in the Dominican Republic.

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