Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hottest wives in MLB

Every year, Fantasy Baseball Dugout has a Baseball's Hottest Wives voting contest.

Athletes, even baseball players, have hot wives and girlfriends, or as they say in Great Brittain WAGS- wives and girlfriends. Why? Because they have good bodies and they have money, not because of their good looks or their loving personalities.

Case in point: The Dominican Baseball Guy just blogged about Jose Lima and his Dominican model girlfriend. Lima was not the best looking gentleman and he had to be a very hard person to get along with.

More cases in point: Reid Brignac, who I am not even sure who he is, is married to a Playboy Playmate. Lance Niz, who I sort of know who he is, is married to former Cowboy cheerleader Brooke Sorenson. And  the defending champ is Diana Roberts, wife of Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts, who I can't lie about because I at least know who he is.

Visit Fantasy Baseball Dugout to vote: click here
wives of baseball players playmate and cowboys cheerleader
Playboy Playmate Lauren Anderson is married to Reid Brignac
baseball wives and girlfriends models and MLB girlfriends
Cowboys cheerleader Brooke Sorenson is married to Lance Nix
baseball player Brian Roberts wife is a swimsuit model
Brian Roberts' wife Diana is a swimsuit model and Miss FHM 2006

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