Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dominican Baseball Card #11 and #12: Felix Fermin

The #11 and #12 Dominican Baseball Guy Dominican Baseball Cards are two Felix Fermin cards.  The first is a 1990 Donruss #191.  The second is a 1990 Topps #722.

Felix had a long career in the big leagues.  The Dominican Baseball Guy was suprised to find out that he never made an All-Star team or had any major award.  He played for ten years in the big leagues, debuting with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1987.  He then spent 5 years with the Indians, and was traded to the Mariners for Omar Vizquel before the 1995 season.  He had probably his best year with the Mariners, as a Ken Griffey Jr. team won the AL West in 1995.  Fermin was an everyday player on that team.  Felix retired in 1996 after 11 games with the White Sox.

Felix is a popular player in Santiago, Dominican Republic, where he spent his Winter League seasons with the Aguilas.  He went on to manage the Aguilas after he retired.  He managed the Aguilas from 2000-2008, winning the Dominican Winter Baseball League 5 times in this period.  In 2009 he went on to manage the Gigantes del Cibao, and he led them to the Championship Series of the Dominican Winter Baseball League last season, before losing to Escogido in 9 games.  He is again coaching the Gigantes this season, and he remains very popular in Santiago, even though he manages their main rival.  Felix is from Mao, DR.

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