Friday, May 13, 2011

Former big leaguer Willy Aybar plays in Canada after arrest for wife beating

Willy Aybar recently signed with the Edmonton Capitals of the independent North American League.  He played in 100 games with the Rays last year, and has had a nice career as a utility infielder since breaking into the bigs in 2005.  In 408 major league games he has a .258 lifetime average.

Well, apparently one reason no big league team took a chance on him is because he was arrested for beating his wife in January in the Dominican Republic.  See the original story from the Dominican daily here.  His wife was in intensive care  for several days, before returning to her home.  This after he already had a restraining order that forbid him from seeing his wife because he was arrested for domestic violence in 2008.  And after all this his wife did not want to make comments to damage his reputation.

The Dominican Baseball Guy would not want a wife beater involved in his organization in any way.  Pretty pathetic that the Rays would keep a wife beater on their team, but if his wife did not have anything bad to say about him then who are we to say?  It shows the desperation of the poverty in the Dominican Republic that his wife and family did not want to damage his reputation.  They still need the money his skills bring.

In any case this guy is a dirt bag, and was probably denied a US Visa even if a big league team tried to pick him up.  The Dominican Baseball Guy would put all the women beaters in the world on an island and leave them there forever.  He is from Bani, DR.
Willy Aybar with the Rays, by Keith Allison on Flickr


  1. Very sad. I really liked Aybar when he was with the Dodgers. I hope this guy can change his life around.

  2. he has some skills with the bat, below average fielder i think. one wife beating maybe be explained, but twice equals dirtbag in my eyes.

    just sayin...

  3. Looks like 'ole Willy is in jail again for beating his wife. Couldn't even make it to opening day up in Edmonton without getting arrested in Seattle for beating her up in a hotel. If this is the third time, how many times didn't he get caught? Sad...


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