Monday, May 16, 2011

Dominican baseball player Placido Polanco overlooked player? Pelotero Dominicano Placido Polanco lo pasó por alto?

A recent article talked about Dominican baseball player Placido Polanco, and says that Polanco is as an overlooked player.  The Dominican Baseball Guy is embarrassed to admit that even he has overlooked this great Dominican talent.

Long time statistician Scott Russell makes a convincing case for Polanco being overlooked.  He has a career .304 average and won a Silver Slugger award in 2007.  He also has three Gold Glove awards and is the only MLB player to own a Gold Glove at two different positions.  Polanco also won the 2006 ALCS MVP while he was with the Tigers.

The Dominican Baseball Guy agrees, he is certainly a great addition for any team, and the Dominican Baseball Guy will no longer overlook him.  Polanco is in his second stint with the Phillies, and is overlooked on a team full of superstars.  He is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Dominican baseball player Placido Polanco with the Phillies, by Matthew Straubmuller on Flickr

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