Thursday, December 15, 2011

BYU baseball team goes 4-0 against Major League Baseball Dominican academy teams, and make huge charitable donation to Republica Dominicana

As the Dominican Baseball Guy (DBM) recently blogged, the BYU baseball team planned to play a series of games and do some charitable work over Thanksgiving in the Dominican Republic.  Well, they just completed their trip.

The BYU baseball team went 4-0 against the Rangers, Red Sox, Royals, and Yankees Dominican academy teams.  See the official press release here: BYU baseball team returns home from Dominican Republic trip.

The baseball games were surely a great workout, but the entire team agrees that is was there work and donations with local schools and baseball programs that was the most fulfilling part of the trip.  According to BYU head baseball coach Vance Law:
Initially, our players felt they were going to be helping people in need and now in hindsight it was they who benefited the most from these experiences.
The team and coaches coordinated with 5 Star Legacy to make the donations.  They donated 1300 hygiene kits, 11 pallets of baseball equipment, and nutritional supplies to schools, orphanages, and private homes.  Spending as much time as the Dominican Baseball Guy has spent in the country, the DBG can attest that all these things are sorely needed.  Americans take things like toothbrushes and soap for granted, but these things are luxury items in poorer parts of the Dominican Republic.  Many of the DBG contacts did not brush their teeth or bath regularly.  And a great number of children are malnourished, so nutritional items are also needed.  And of course the baseball equipment is needed and appreciated.

Great work by BYU and the 5 Star Legacy Foundation.  Visit the 5 Star Legacy Foundation and make a donation:

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