Monday, December 12, 2011

Manny Ramirez talks Albert Pujols new contract with Angels, Manny Ramirez habla sobre Pujols contrato con Angels

And so the world of Manny turns.  And whatever he says, people (like the Dominican Baseball Guy aka DBG) will listen.  Manny Ramirez retired from baseball in April, yet the DBG has found a way to blog about him four times since August.

First, Manny said he will play in the Dominican winter baseball league.  Then he was jailed for domestic disturbance in Florida.  Then Manny Ramirez reiterated the fact that he plans to play in the Dominican Winter Baseball League (LIDOM) for the 2011 season.  And finally, MLB says that he cannot play in the LIDOM because he still has an MLB suspension to serve and LIDOM is affiliated with MLB, so he must serve that 50 game suspension before he can play in LIDOM.

So, as always, Manny Ramirez is in the news, even if he is not playing.  And when Manny speaks, the Dominican Baseball Guy listens.  The latest is that Manny Ramirez praises the Angels for signing Albert Pujols.  O really?  Thanks Manny for chiming in.  Here is the quote from
"He deserves that contract; he is the best slugger in history. The numbers speak for themselves," Ramirez said during an interview with
Manny Ramirez batting practice with
the Dodgers, by  pvsbond on Flickr
Wow, some humility from Manny.  The DBG always thought that in Manny's mind he was the best slugger in history.  Some amazing analysis from Manny, 'the Angels were smart to sign Pujols.'  He may have a career as an analyst in the future.

Well that ends another entry of as the Manny turns.  You will always be the favorite slugger of the DBG, even if Pujols is better than you Manny.  Here's hoping your latest comeback attempt is successful, so the DBG can see you play a few more times.

Manny Ramirez es de Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana.

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