Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pelotero Dominicano Jose Reyes firma con Miami Marlins, Dominican baseball player Jose Reyes signs with Marlins

Jose Reyes has been a favorite of the Dominican Baseball Guy in recent months.  See all the Dominican Baseball Guy's post on Dominican baseball player Jose Reyes.  The Dominican Baseball Guy predicted that he would end up a Marlin just last month.  And of course the Dominican Baseball covered the release of his regaaeton album in August.

So, the latest is that Reyes signed a six year $106 million dollar contract with the Miami Marlins.  Wowza!  The Dominican Baseball Guy remembers back in the day when those were ARod or Pujols numbers.  But Jose Reyes?  The Dominican Baseball Guy loves Reyes, but this seems a little much.  O well, he is going to team with Hanley Ramirez to make one of the greatest all-Dominican half infields of all-time.

And the Marlins are also pursuing the great Dominican baseball player a.k.a "The Machine" a.k.a. Albert Pujols.  That would give them perhaps the best three Dominicans to ever share the infield together.  Needless to say, the Dominican Baseball Guy is intrigued with this possibility.

Reyes is from Villa Gonzalez, Republica Dominicana and Pujols is from Santo Domingo, DR.
Jose Reyes' last hit with the Mets, by slgckgc on Flickr

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  1. The Marlins have signed a super player with Jose Reyes, and if Albert Pujols joins the club that would be amazing! The NL East is a hard division but the Marlins could be on their way up!


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