Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Father and son donate baseball equipment to Dominican baseball players

The Dominican Baseball Guy has blogged on Dominican Baseball charities a number of times. There are several major leaguers that have charitable organizations that contribute to Dominican baseball and there are some non-profits that contribute to Dominican baseball.

In this case, a father and a son have taken it upon themselves to deliver equipment to Dominican baseball players in need. The Lakeland, Florida father-son duo, Sean and Ryan McEnroe visited the Dominican Republic on Spring Break and saw the need Dominican baseball players have for equipment in the Dominican Republic.

Ryan was exciting and happy to share the equipment:
They knew right away what to do with it. They started throwing the balls around. Up here (in the US) everyone wants a certain kind of bat, but down there, they were just happy to have a bat.
No doubt, kids know what to do with the equipment. One of the reasons Dominican baseball players are so good is that many of them grow up playing with rocks, sticks, and milk cartons for gloves. When they finally get 'real' equipment the game is easy for them.

There is certainly plenty of need for baseball equipment in the Dominican Republic. I throw whatever extra equipment I may have in my bag every time I go down, and just give it to kids I meet in the streets or at games. So, if you visit the Dominican Republic takes a few gloves and give them away. Every bit helps. Or better yet, do what the McEnroes did and take down a bunch of equipment.
Ryan McEnroe (back) recently delivered baseball equipment to children in need in the Dominican Republic.Contributed photograph
Ryan McEnroe delivers equipment to Dominican baseball players, photo by the McEnroes

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