Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dominican player Vladimir Guerrero arrested in Dominican Republic, denies role in bar brawl

Dominican player Vladimir Guererro has turned himself in to police in the Dominican Republic following an altercation at a bar. Bar fights in the Dominican Republic seem to be a big issue with Dominican baseball players. Who can forget Dominican player Angel Villalona pretty much ruining his career over a bar stool fight on a winter visit back home?

For his part, Guererro is claiming he is innocent. ''At no time did I attack anyone, nor was I fleeing,'' Guerrero told the AP. ''I presented myself at the jail last night after the complaint from the disco, and this morning first thing I went to the police that are handling the case.''

Looks like your typical Dominican baseball player wrongly accused and possible extortion attempt on a well-known player. But who knows. It seems like a minor incident even if the prosecutors follow through with the charges. It sounds like Vladdy bumped a police officer when they were trying to break up a fight.

For all the lack of law and order in the Dominican Republic, it sure seems that Dominican baseball players end up in a lot of legal troubles in their home country. That is the major reason the Dominican Baseball Guy often thinks 'extortion' rather than the player is 'guilty' upon hearing of Dominican player legal problems.

Vladimir spent last season with the Orioles and hit .290 and 13 home runs. He is still unsigned for this season and is looking for a job. The former MVP is from Nizao, Dominican Republic.
Vladimir Guerrero plays with the Orioles in 2011
Dominican beisbol player Vladimir Guerrero pictured last year with the Orioles,
photo by Keith Allison on Flickr

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